10 Best Table Runners 2021 – Buying Guide & Reviews

Best Table Runners 2021. The table runner is one of the very successful presentation solutions for an important dinner. This piece of fabric is used to accommodate the dishes and thanks to its patterns, styles or colours, it can also be used for decoration. Faced with the multitude of models available, we sometimes get lost in the choice of the copy that will make the difference. To reduce your time in this research, refer to the two articles below. Topping the list you have Bwiv Burlap Table Runner winning the admiration of buyers with its reusable nature. Otherwise, Mes fetes.com Noel Lin Table Runner attracts attention with its pretty festive design.

Best Table Runners 2021

Best Budgeted

Vintage Lace Wedding Table Runner,

Editor’s Choice

Solino Home Pure Linen Hemstitch Table Runner

Best of 2021

Burlap Table Runner – 14 Inch Wide X 10 Yards

1.Burlap Table Runner

To find the Best Table Runners 2021, pay attention to the quality of the finish. Bwin satisfies its customers with this article designed in burlap. In addition to its ecological balance, this natural material seduces with its fibre coloured in gold. This is why the copy is a successful accessory to decorate your table.

Solid, this type of finish accommodates heavy objects without warping or tearing. The manufacturer decides not to mix it with other chemicals. The product thus presents a reliable use to any user.

  • It can accommodate a variety of utensils or decorative pieces at the same time.
  • You can use it, whatever the event to celebrate
  • During a baptism or a wedding
  • It leaves a rustic note to your furniture.
  • It is 10 m long and 30 cm wide.
  • After unpacking, the product may emit a certain unpleasant fume

Success of the finish: If you prefer organic material, but you do not know which table runner to choose, choose this article. Made of natural jute, it combines aesthetics and reliability.

Reusable and Versatile: It can be deployed at any family event. Its color and design are suitable for a wedding, birthday, first communion or other ceremony.

Customizable: This variation offers you the possibility of transforming it according to your needs. You can divide it to the length you want.

2. Solino Home 100% Pure Linen Table Runner

You don’t have to wait until Pure Linen Hemstitch Table Runner to buy your decorative accessories. This article is an interesting option to enhance your furniture. The inscription Merry Pure Linen Hemstitch Table Runner has a nice print. It does not escape the eyes with its golden color.

As for the whole, this model embeds a lively shade harmonizing perfectly with the theme of the nativity. With 28 cm wide and 5 m long, this model can be cut according to the dimensions of your table. Its featherweight facilitates its installation.

  • Easy Care – Machine Washable,
  • When you a buy pure linen piece, you’re embracing a low-impact natural fabric
  • This product is not expensive. 
  • The theme of this table runner perfectly for every events
  • Size – 14 x 72 Inch
  • A customer notices that this copy has a damaged edge

If we have to compare it to other products on the market, its resistance conquers a good number of buyers. Thanks to its quality linen construction, this fabric lasts a long time without linting or warping. The more you clean it, the more flexible it becomes. It supports frequent washing. After each interview, it is ready for use.

3. Pauwer Placemats Table Runner

What is the best table runners 2021 on the market? If this question torments you, why not give a non-woven product a try? With this finish, this specimen is not only tender but above all light. At 222 g, it is pleasant to use.

That’s not all, this type of fiber wipes off easily. Even if you accidentally get it wet, it dries at high speed. In addition, its color persists despite this condition. Tear-proof, the product tolerates shocks.

  • This non-woven model is easy to handle with its lightness
  •  Waterproof, it dries quickly.
  • With 25 m long, it can be cut to obtain place mats.
  • This variation is available in multiple shades
  • This helps you save money in the purchase of decorative equipment for your furniture.
  • A customer reported receiving an item that does not match their order. The color is slightly nuanced.

It wins its place in any comparison, thanks to its significant length of 25 m. When you cut it out, you also get placemats.

This reference is used for multiple purposes. Apart from its decorative function, it can also be used in floristry. If you don’t know where to buy a new table runner, you can put it on your list.

4. Gold Sequin Table Runner

To make your table shine, opt for a gold accessory. This Santex brand product catches the eye, thanks to its timeless color. It is an interesting decorative solution during a wedding or a ceremony of great importance. According to users’ opinion, it goes very well with a white tablecloth. This color is ideal to highlight it.

If you hate handling a heavy table runner, our advice on this matter recommends that you favor this copy. Due to its weight of 59 g, it can be used without any particular effort. This accessory is made of non-woven polyester. It has a tenacious finish with possible risks of tearing.

  • It is distinguished by its golden color
  • It is frequently displayed at a wedding or a family event.
  • It not only enhances the furniture
  • It also the cutlery and other table accessories.
  • It is sold at a favorable price. 
  • This is a disposable item. You do not have in this sense the possibility of recovering it

While the quest for a better table runner is no easy task, there’s nothing stopping you from trying this reference. Besides, it wins the admiration of many customers with its attractive cost.

5. Christmas Decorative Table Runner

You don’t have to wait until Christmas to buy your decorative accessories. This article is an interesting option to enhance your furniture. The inscription Merry Christmas has a nice print. It does not escape the eyes with its golden color.

As for the whole, this model embeds a lively shade harmonizing perfectly with the theme of the nativity. With 28 cm wide and 5 m long, this model can be cut according to the dimensions of your table. Its featherweight facilitates its installation.

  • High quality cotton linen material
  • Perfect for Christmas table decorations.
  • It highlights the furniture during this event
  • That is use all through the Holiday season,
  • Can be dressed up or down to create the perfect look for each place setting
  • A purchaser wants the product to be available in a large size. 

Elegant, the fabric combines the natural color of linen with black stripes. It is ideal for creating a sophisticated atmosphere on your table. It matches very well, whatever the shade of your cutlery. Whether they are bright, neutral or white, the linen is no exception to your style of decoration.

Versatile, it remains pleasant to look at, even on bare furniture. All you need to do is place a vase of flowers on top and you’re good to go.

6. Beistle zebra print tablecover

If you are tired of looking for where to buy the best table runner, try this reference. Tropical style, it catches the eye with its pretty zebra patterns. Black and white, it changes the look of your table to give it a wild note. No need for a tablecloth as a background, the item is placed directly on the furniture to give it an authentic touch.

Even though this 40cm x 180cm specimen does not weigh heavy, it is quite thick and does not fear scratches or dust. If it accidentally gets stained, you don’t have to worry. The product goes through the machine without discoloring. Still, there are a few basic rules that must be followed to get a good result.

  • To suit all tastes, it is available in multiple colors.
  • Easy to use
  • Attractive Desian
  •  Its edges are sewn by hand for more aesthetics.
  • The linen is made of light and soft polyester.
  • The fabric brings a bestial look to your furniture

It should be serviced with cold water only. To keep its original shape, it does not require any use of bleach. As for ironing, you can do it over low heat. After cleaning, it is again ready for use.

7. Grelucgo Handmade Hemstitch Teal Table Runner

With this model, you no longer have to wonder how to buy a table runner with better value for money. It holds a good quality composition, while it is classified as a cheaper item in the market.

This fabric is made from 100% cotton which is one of the safest natural materials. Better yet, this plant fiber is prized for its ease of maintenance. It does not require any particular step during washing. In addition, it dries in record time.

  • It is made with cotton
  •  It has a hypoallergenic and antibacterial property
  • This material also differs in the simplicity of its cleaning
  • It leaves a chic side on your table
  • Its shade in black
  • It’s a shame the fabric isn’t thick enough to withstand tearing and bumps

The manufacturer colors the fabric black. This will bring a touch of elegance to your interior. This choice creates a contemporary atmosphere on your furniture. It enhances the other shades of your cutlery or your tablecloth without being noticed.

If this tone does not meet your preferences, Today offers other colors. 50 x 150 cm, the fabric protects your table from stains or dirt.

8. DaDa Bedding Elegant Ornaments Table Runner

Considering the quality of this item, Santex deserves the title of the best brand of table runners. It uses non-woven polyester in the composition of this model, which is coveted for its repellent layer. Like the handkerchief, it does not retain moisture. If it gets wet by accident, a simple wipe is enough to make it dry.

Durable, this material refuses to tear at the slightest blow. Some buyers use it for DIY. The fabric is not only used as a table runner. It also wears out as a cross connection between the seats.

  • It is a non-woven cloth
  • It retains its condition despite drops of water. You just have to wipe it dry.
  • It covers multiple tables by cutting it to the desired size.
  • One purchase is enough to decorate several pieces of furniture.
  • The product offers a feeling of softness and lightness with every handling.
  • If a stubborn stain appears, this product cannot be washed, as it is one of the disposable items. If necessary, it must be replaced

It appeals to many buyers with its length of 25 m. A single roll is more than enough to cover several pieces of furniture that can accommodate up to 60 people.

It’s up to you to cut it to the required length. Soft to the touch, the fiber is comfortable to use. Its lightness facilitates its handling and installation.

9. Buffalo Check Table Runner 

During a commemorative feast, the preparation of the decoration deserves special attention. If you can’t find the right table runner, this variation will probably suit you.

It has beautiful designs with an inscription: happy birthday. In turquoise blue, it illuminates the furniture and utensils above.

  • It has a specific design corresponding to this event
  • Its can be use every events
  • Its made with cotton
  • Classic black and white buffalo check will match to most dining décor
  • Our table runner will grace every occasion
  • A client criticizes the misleading information in the description. She finds the product colored a darker blue, but not turquoise

This item is made from organza, a fine mesh fabric widely used in decoration. It is a malleable material. This characteristic makes it pleasant to handle. As for its dimensions, it is 5 m long and 29 cm wide. The model thus has the capacity to accommodate countless accessories, including the huge birthday cake.

Easy to handle, it stands out with its light weight of 40.8 g. In addition to its role as a table runner, it can be used to make knots or other decorative objects.

10. Vintage Lace Wedding Table Runner

If many choose lace in wedding decoration, it is because it offers countless advantages. PsmGoods uses this material for its lush nature and romantic style. It reflects elegance in the room with a mysterious artistic effect.

The length of the roll reaches up to 22 m. It is more than enough to decorate several pieces of furniture. Although you will have to fill many tables, you will still have a few yards for other purposes.

  • Great for decorating your boho wedding reception table
  • Made of premium lace,
  • Use floral patterns design
  • Simple practical style, matching with bohemian,
  • If some laces tear during handling, this one tolerates your brutal gestures thanks to its robustness.
  • cannot stand frequent washing

As a result, you don’t just use it as a table runner. This reference also offers the possibility of adorning the chairs, the wall and even the wrapping gifts. To do this, you just need to cut it to the desired length.

Unlike other poor quality lace, this item is stiff enough to resist tearing. It can be pruned without leaving traces. As it combines lightness and flexibility, its handling will not pose any problem.

Purchase Guide

We find the table runner most often during festive meals. It is one of the most used linens to decorate furniture. Installed on the tablecloth, it comes in multiple colors and styles. It is thus not easy to locate the suitable model. To learn how to choose the best table runners of 2020, we suggest you check out this comprehensive buying guide.

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The Different Types

In order not to run into the wrong product, you must know the models available on the market. There are 4 very distinct categories, including the plain or opaque, transparent, patterned and themed copy.

If you are looking for a trendy item, go for the first option. It remains in fashion today. Its main advantage lies in the ease of its assortment with other objects or decorative pieces. It does not require any particular effort. It harmonizes with all colors and styles of interiors. So you don’t have to worry about taste errors. For a baptism, an item in blue or pale pink will do. White or gray will look great during a wedding. And as for the holiday season, the silver hue is an interesting idea.

The second alternative is also coming back in force recently in decoration. It is used to refresh the table. It is also prized for its texture. It gives you the possibility of adding more originality to the furniture. As it comes in multiple colors, it matches any wedding theme.

As for the third choice, its design already offers the desired effect. The disco article reminds you, for example, of the best times and memories. As for the flowery model, it helps to bring a romantic style. During a baptism, a polka dot reference will be a good option.

About the themed table runner, it is suitable for a very specific occasion including a commemorative party. It features an often golden inscription as happy birthday. If the main interested party has a particular preference for color or pattern, there are many choices in the market.


To continue this buying guide for the best table runners, let’s detail the type of finish on the item. Some designers opt for synthetic fibers, because of their ease of maintenance. They offer different colors and styles. However, for a qualitative result, there is nothing better than to favor organic materials.

Among the most used, cotton, linen and jute appeal to manufacturers. The former is quick to machine clean in case it gets stained. The second makes an interesting alternative if you prefer embroidered linen. As for the last, it is ideal for a very natural style of decoration. Many prefer it during a country party.

There are also non-woven articles on the market. It is a disposable material that cannot be washed. However, it has the advantage of being more economical. If you need to decorate more than one table at a baptism, one scroll is sufficient to accomplish this task. Added to that, when it gets smeared, you will be spared the chores of cleaning. As it absorbs moisture, it dries in seconds without tearing.

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Dimensions and Design

To choose the length of the laundry, consider that of the table. If you decide to install it on a tablecloth, prefer a fabric of the same size. The path should not protrude for a successful visual effect. Regarding the width, it’s up to you to choose according to your tastes. The laundry does not occupy the entire width of the cabinet. The measurement is sometimes between 30 and 50 cm.

On the design side, this criterion is of great importance in the selection of the article. We must take into account the atmosphere to adopt. If you want to put it on a bare table, you can play with the materials. With wooden equipment, lace makes a good choice. For glass furniture, the sequin gives a modern design. On the other hand, if you accompany it with a tablecloth, you must consider the color of the latter. The two accessories should not have the same shade, otherwise you may not notice the difference.

The table runner is available in many configurations. While some have a straight finish, others have ends with pendants or bevels. Whatever your choice, these auxiliaries are often rectangular in shape. However, a few have rounded edges for a nicer finish.

frequently asked Questions

Q1: Table Runner or Tablecloth for a Special Family Dinner?

For a successful decoration, using both equipment at the same time seems the best alternative Each has its specific roles, but by superimposing them, they offer a remarkable result to embellish the furniture. The first lands on the second. It forms a narrow strip of linen running the length of the table. It is placed in the middle to enhance the dishes and other decorative accessories. Depending on its color, style and shape, it gives importance to the event.

As for the second, it is a fabric spread out on the table. Apart from its ornamental value, it is also useful for protecting the latter from stains and other dirt. For a better rendering, the nuances of these two fabrics must be in harmony. They don’t have to be the same shade. Some wedding rings are in the trend, namely: off-white and chocolate, beige and burgundy, light gray and royal blue.

If you’re not good at it, a plain table runner saves you the trouble of making the mistake. With this choice, you won’t risk making a mistake even if you equip yourself with a colorful patterned tablecloth.

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Q2: How to Put a Table Runner on a Rectangular Table?

There is nothing simpler than installing it along the length of the cabinet. The accessory will give the illusion of being more imposing. You just have to put it in the middle. If it’s a banquet table, find a large roll. You will find in the trade products with more than 10 m.

Q3: How to Put a Table Runner on a Round Table?

To decorate the furniture, the arrangement is not accomplished lightly In order to make the decoration original, you can cross two articles. This configuration allows you to obtain a cross. It is also quite possible to make a star by superimposing 4 elements. For a table for 12 people, cut 6 sections on your roll. With this structure, each guest has a place marked with a piece of table runner.

Q4:What Size (Length and Width) for a Table Runner?

It depends above all on its form. If it has a bevel or pendants finish, its length is calculated from point to point. In contrast, a rectangular article is measured by length and width.

If you are planning a family celebration, consider the length of the fallout. Choose a value between 15 to 30 cm. If the ceremony seems lavish enough, stand between 40 to 50 cm. If you plan to combine the accessory with a tablecloth, it should be smaller in size compared to the tablecloth. To put it simply, find a balance between the dimensions of the table runner, the height of the fallout and especially the length of the furniture.

Speaking of width, you just have to consider the width of the table and divide it by three. Usually, this measurement is between 30 to 50 cm. It will suit standard furniture.

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