5 Best Baby Baths 2021 – Buying Guide & Reviews

Best Baby Baths 2021. For each parent, the bath is a special moment to share with their baby. Indeed, it is necessary to make sure to use adequate equipment. If you opt for an inflatable bathtub, your choice should not be made at random. Safety, storage, and accessories are the points to consider. Choosing the right tub for your baby is close to your heart, but you don’t have the opportunity to see all the selections on our buying guide? We offer 2 options that outperform all others. 

Best Inflatable Baby Baths 2021

If we refer to the opinions and appreciations of Internet users, Munchkin Canard Thermosensibleis the best inflatable bathtub you can give your child. Extremely secure, it will allow you to have your little one take the bath with confidence. In addition, it is in the shape of a duck, which does not displease him. If you turn to an alternative option, the Tomy 71165 meets your expectations thanks to its lightness that allows you to take it easy, even when traveling.

Best Budgeted

Munchkin White Hot Inflatable Duck Tub

Editor’s Choice

Munchkin Sit and Soak Baby Bath Tub

Best of 2021

Jane Inflatable Bath for 0 Months and Above

1. Munchkin Thermosensitive Duck

This Munchkin 01105401 transitional tub features White Hot technology so you know exactly if the water is too hot for baby.

  • A child from 6 to 24 months can use
  • It is therefore very easy to pack
  • A spacious bathtub
  • The bathtub is essential equipment for taking a bath
  • Great Comfort
  • Poor Build

Main Features Explained

Secure equipment

The bathtub is essential equipment for taking a bath. But as the baby grows, the one you bought for him may no longer be suitable for him. Hence the need for the transition model like this Munchkin 01105401. This is an inflatable bathtub that a child from 6 to 24 months can use without any worries.

But what is most interesting about this article is that it is equipped with many safety systems to better protect your toddler.

First, it has White Hot technology, letting you know if the water in the tub is too hot for your child. It is an essential parameter so as not to burn your baby. Then, the equipment is also provided with a non-slip surface to prevent the child from slipping and falling accidentally. Note in passing that the maximum temperature supported by this model is 40 ° C.

Easy to use

The bath is a special moment that a mother and a child must have between them. It also implies that the equipment used to optimize those few minutes must be easy to use to avoid unnecessary stress. And that’s what this inflatable tub offers you.

Indeed, it inflates and deflates in two stages three movements. No need to wait a long time to start the bath. To evacuate the water, the accessory is equipped with a drainage hole that you can also plug when baby wants to splash in the water. Then, after use, you just need to hang it up with suction cups, and the tub will dry out quickly.

Practical, this model can very well be taken with you during your multiple trips.

A Designer Inflatable Bathtub

Design should not be overlooked when talking about a children’s accessory. What’s more, during the bath, everything must be done to ensure that the little one likes it. It is therefore important that your bathtub is attractive. This is also the case with this model.

This equipment has been designed in rubber. It is shaped like a duck and therefore yellow in color. Just seeing it, baby will be happy and will immediately want to bathe in the water. The surface is very padded when the accessory inflates, to provide more comfort to your child. Note that the model also has an ergonomic headrest.

He can even play in it without you being afraid for his safety. In addition, this equipment is not bulky at all. With it, your child will pass the transition from the small bath to the large one with confidence.

2. Jane 40521 Baby Bath

Jane 40521 is a very practical, very elegant inflatable bathtub model available on the market at a more reasonable price. Which compares it to the best cheap inflatable baby tub on the market.

Transparent green in color, this bathtub is full of aesthetics and has a unique design specially designed to ensure comfort and safety for your child with every use. The accompanying divider helps prevent your baby from sliding into the tub regardless of their movements. This model has a capacity of 30 liters and its dimensions include 78 cm in length, 43 cm in width, and 37 cm in height which are more than enough to make your baby swim without being in danger. This large space allows him to adopt the posture and do all the movements that suit him without being hampered.

  • A comfortable and safe bath
  • This tub is equipped with a divide
  • It is attached with velcro
  • Easy to pick
  • Compact (78 x 43 x 37 cm)
  • Although very ingenious, the separator sometimes tends to come off during the baby’s bath.

Can be inflated and deflated at any time, Jane 40521 can easily be taken on a trip and takes up little space when you store it. The plastic that makes up the tub is very strong and the risk of bursting it is minimal regardless of the type of floor where you place it. This is why this model always appears in each comparison of inflatable baby baths made known to potential buyers.

3. Munchkin Sit and Soak Baby Bath

Munchkin Sit and Soak Baby Bath is a model of inflatable baby bathtub in white color, simple, practical and very elegant. Its dimensions include 85cm in length, 85cm in width and 33cm in height to ensure maximum comfort for your child every time they take a bath. This model is spacious enough to allow your child to play with all their toys.

Munchkin Sit and Soak Baby Bathhas large sausages on each side which ensures maximum safety for your child whatever his movements while having fun. Its underside is inflatable from a second valve to optimize the comfort of your child and so that he does not feel anything even if he moves too hard inside the bathtub. The water contained inside drains from below at a normal and constant rate to prevent you from flooding your bathroom when it is drained.

  • Pull tub drain makes it easy to clean
  • Built in support bump keeps baby safe
  • Padded foam backrest adds comfort for baby
  • Keeps baby warm with optimal water levels measures: 25 inch x 16.25 inch x 15 inch
  • This model will be perfectly adapted to his size
  • It is, therefore, possible that the child slips during the bath

The material which constitutes it is formed essentially of very resistant plastic and sufficiently thick to guarantee you a durable use and to limit the risk that the bathtub easily bursts wherever you place it. This model is the only answer to your questions, if at the moment you are wondering which is the best inflatable baby bath on the market or which inflatable baby bath to buy.

In the various rankings and reviews of inflatable bathtubs, this Munchkin Sit and Soak Baby Bath is rather well placed. It is a product that is very popular with parents. Sober thanks to its white color, it is above all very practical.

4. Intex Easy Set Swimming Pool

Intex Easy Set Swimming Pool is a model of inflatable baby bathtub that contains both elegance and performance for both fun and bathing for your baby inside your home or in your garden. The inside of the tub is colored a solid blue while the outside features a patterned design of several varieties of seafood to make your child feel like they’re always on vacation.

The dimensions of the bathtub include 157 cm in length, 157 cm in width, and 122 cm in height for a capacity of up to 280 liters. Which is wide and roomy enough that your child feels like they are swimming safely in the sea or in a large pool. This model comes with two plugs, one for inflating and the other for deflating the pool. Intex Easy Set Swimming Pool is easy to inflate and once deflated the assembly is easy to store and does not take up much space.

  • Easy Set Pool is the perfect and convenient product
  • The Easy Set Pool is the perfect starter pool
  • The Easy Set Pool Water capacity: 886 Litres
  • Easy Set Pool dimensions: 183 cm x 51 cm
  • The Easy Set Pool is a robust and strong alternative
  • It offers greater stability, but you will have to be careful of falls

When you use it in a garden on a sunny day, you won’t have to worry about your child getting sunburned because the tub comes with a removable sun shade that is very easy to install. Which compares this model to the best inflatable baby pool on the market.

This inflatable tub is very versatile. It can be used to give your child a bath but also and above all, it acts as a small indoor swimming pool, ideal for cooling children during heat waves.

5. Free Swimming Baby Inflatable Baby

Free Swimming Baby Inflatable Baby is an inflatable bathtub model specially adapted for a baby from birth. The whole bathtub is colored in blue which looks simple but very elegant both on the outside and inside.

This tub is easy to inflate and deflate. It is a very practical and easy to carry model, especially when you want to bathe your child every time you go on a trip together. The bottom of the bathtub is inflatable to optimize the comfort of your child whatever his movements inside. The material it is made of is basically made of PVC that is both tough and soft to ensure long-term use, to make sure it doesn’t burst easily and for your child to swim in it safely.

  • Free Swimming Baby Inflatable Baby is one of the simplest
  • Easy to inflate and deflate
  •  Pack-and-go portability and storage.
  • Perfect for Swimming pool,Bathtub,Beach
  •  Great pool float for travel
  • You don’t need to invest in an electric pump

Its dimensions include 71cm in length, 38cm in width and 24cm in height so that your baby can swim and play in it safely and comfortably. Inflation is simple because all you need is a little breath and you will be ready to bathe your baby. So, if until now you are still not sure how to choose the right model for you from the best baby baths of 2020, check the features of this product as they have surprised a large number of potential users.

How to Choose a Good Inflatable Baby Bathtu?

To ensure the comfort and safety of your child when bathing, you should not choose an inflatable baby bath at random. So that you can easily identify the model that suits you, we offer you through this buying guide of the best inflatable baths to take into account 3 main characteristics of this product: the safety of its use, the ease of storage and the accessories .


Purchase Guide

The Safety of Its Use

Where to buy a new inflatable bathtub and how to buy a better value inflatable baby bathtub? If at the moment you are asking yourself these questions, then you should first consider the safe use of each model that catches your eye. It is important to take this characteristic into account, as it guarantees that your child is not exposed to a risk of accident each time the bathtub is used.

In order to limit the risk of your child drowning when you leave them for a while to pick up something in another room, it would be a good idea to adapt the dimensions of the model you are going to opt for to the size and age of your child. your child. The dimensions of this product are always indicated on the packaging or in its description to give you an idea of ​​its size in relation to that of your child.

Since the material that makes up an inflatable tub is usually plastic, it is also important to check in advance whether the bottom has an anti-slip system or not in order to limit the risk of your child slipping and falling easily. It keeps you from worrying if you don’t have your eye on him.

Ease of Storage

Our advice for buying an inflatable bathtub is also geared towards taking into account the ease of storage of each model that catches your eye. The importance of this feature is explained by the fact that it optimizes your comfort and allows you to organize yourself better.

Whether or not the tub that attracts you comes with accessories, it’s important to check in advance that the set is easy to store. Make sure that the tub deflates easily and that when deflated it can be folded up and stored in a small space, especially if you plan to take it on a trip. Make sure that the material from which it is made is strong enough and that it won’t tear from bending it often.

guide tub

The Accessories

Before going to the price comparison, you must check whether the model you are interested in comes with accessories or not. This feature is important because it optimizes your comfort of using this product. These accessories are very variable and some models have a large number of them, while others have none.

You could have a drain plug, soap dish, drain hose, wall hanging system, or various other products. You do not have to require the presence of these accessories; however, they can help minimize the effort you have to make each time you go to bathe your child or allow you to always keep the area where you use the tub clean.

How to Use an Inflatable Baby Bath?

Bathing your baby has always been one of the most important moments for all mothers who respect cleanliness. For this, they use inflatable baths which allow the child to feel safe. The level of comfort varies by model and toddlers all have their preferences.

Use an Electric Inflator

You know very well that space saving is very important when it comes to a baby bathtub. That is why you must employ an electric inflator to simplify the matter. You just need to deflate it for easier storage.

Check That Its Format Matches the Size of Your Shower

There are several models of inflatable baths on the market, but the more comfortable are more preferred by buyers. You have the choice between the most classic in rectangular, round, square or even the most attractive in the shape of a bee or a crocodile. It’s up to you to decide which one best suits your needs. But the size must be right so that your little ones can feel comfortable inside.

Check That the Material of the Structure is Comfortable  

Bathing your baby has not always been easy. It is imperative to continuously check the water temperature. If you don’t want him to catch a cold or on the contrary get burned, take an item made of plastic. So you can let him play as he pleases, because he is much safer with such a product.

Place the Bathtub on a Non-slip Mat

It’s normal if your little one moves around a lot when they bathe, because they like to be taken care of. But a mother must take care of the safety of her child. You should therefore avoid washing your baby in a bathtub placed directly on the floor since it is risky. It is always preferable to put the structure on a non-slip mat so as not to slip.

Put Your Little One in a Tub With a Pneumatic Bottom

An infant’s skin is sensitive and if it comes in contact with a hard object, it could leave marks that will not be good to see. It is quite the same for adults. Comfort must always be there. Avoid putting your child on a shower tray because it is not very pleasant for him. Instead, opt for a model with a pneumatic bottom and favor those with a cushioned backrest.

Make Sure the Item Has a Nomadic Feature

It is convenient to take a light and compact item while traveling. This prevents fatigue, as you no longer have to carry it with other luggage. If it was bulky it would be really awkward on a family outing with your little angel.

Drain Water Easily With the Presence of a Plug

Taking care of emptying a baby bath has always been a painful task and no one can say otherwise. To solve this problem, the structure must have a plug in order to more easily drain the liquid after each bath of your little one.

Most Popular Brands

The safety of your baby is important to you. The first thing to look for in the products concerning it must therefore meet this condition. Even for his bath. To offer him all the safety during this time, you have thought of buying an inflatable bathtub. But which brand to choose? To help you make your choice, we have brought together the brands that have proven their worth in childcare or in the inflatable field.

Because Bébé Confort thinks about your little one’s future, it promises safety combined with comfort in all the products offered. It is to know that the mark puts at your disposal three categories of products. In particular, you have strollers, car seats and breastfeeding, meal and care products.

 In addition, the brand does not abandon you once the property has been purchased. Indeed, support services are available in case you have a problem with your product. As for the Bébé Confort inflatable baths, they are mostly spacious and surround your little one for a comfortable bath.

Bestway offers its know-how to ensure your moment of pleasure. For this, it provides you with these various products such as above ground swimming pools, inflatable mattresses, diving accessories, products related to camping as well as other inflatable products. Through these products, Bestway’s goal is to offer a moment of happiness to its users. 

And this for a long time because it advocates the quality of these accessories designed so that they last after purchase. You can then be sure that you will give your baby several baths in a Bestway inflatable bathtub. In addition, the brand recycles used products to keep the environment clean.

This Spanish factory specializes in products that are useful for your baby. Its first stroller was created in 1932 and since then it has not stopped improving its products to offer the maximum safety to babies. In this sense, it tests the impact resistance of its products in a laboratory dedicated for this purpose. Thus, your little ones will be in perfect safety. 

The brand’s products include strollers, electronic items, pieces of furniture, accessories, hygiene and meal products as well as backpacks. All this to take care of your baby in the best possible conditions.

Founded in 1996 in India, the brand continues to constantly expand its product line. Indeed, it should be noted that Intex is specialized in the design of inflatable products. This ranges from indoor furniture to garden furniture, including wellness or pleasure products. Specifically, the brand produces sofas, beds, swimming pools and even Jacuzzis. 

All inflatable. Recently, it has integrated Fibertech technology into the manufacture of its products. This, in order to make them more resistant to shocks. In its range for babies, Intex provides you with playpens, bath toys and travel cots apart from bathtubs and changing mats.

By choosing Tomy, you create a magical world, filled with color and creativity. Indeed, the goal of the brand is to make both parents and children smile. To carry out this mission, Tomy created various toys and childcare accessories with cartoon characters on the menu. 

Of course, this does not rule out the declared priorities which are product safety and quality. In the category of products dedicated to childcare, you have several models. You can then choose the patterns and colors that suit you.

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